Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012



I'm not too good too in English, but i wish i can be more attractive and absolutely excelent to say or to write something in English.

First, i'd decided to write every possible thing in English. I mean, something like facebook status, twitter updates, and also write my blog updates in English.

Second, i will speak in English as possible as i can. I will listening Engliah music more, watching some movies with English subtittle, etc.

Third, i will studying structure and searching some tenses material by my self.

Therefore, i need somebody to join me and being my partner to practice. So, i wish that you who read this post could reply me with some comment or something like an advice to improve my skills.

I'd take a long time to write this post :(
But, i'm pretty sure that i can be better someday.
Then, thanks to read my post. I would like to wait your agreement for being my partner. See you ^_^

3 komentar:

nurish shufi mengatakan...

Yes, you can. good luck nte.

Elenella Rizqi mengatakan...

Yep, I am not really good in it too but I try so much.
Keep trying, keep struggle :)

Elenella Rizqi mengatakan...

I am not really good in it too but I try so much.
Keep trying and keep struggle :)