Jumat, 05 Juli 2013

Why Am I Passive in English?


hello. :D 
i thought i'd take so loooong looooong time with nothing to post on my blog. pardon me!
there r so much things i used as a reason to post nothing. well, i wouldn't mention it. 

this is my second english post. it seems so awkward, but i will go with it for a kind of practice to write in English. 
now, i want to describe some speculation. I've got one reason that the most indonesian people (include me) are passive in English. i think it's just because we're memorizing English-Indonesian vocabularies often than Indonesian-English. It seems a simple thing, but it was so important. This way makes me good enough to know what english sentences meaning are, but found lil bit difficult to make sentences in English. so, we must increasing Indonesian-English vocabulary of course.

well. i think thats all for this post. i hope i can make others English post often later. so, wish me better. thank u :)

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